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This report was created by Slim Ladies Hub Ng Daily to expose the truth behind a new Immune booster and Anti-ageing formula sweeping Nigeria

In this letter, you will discover how to live a healthy and peaceful life without drugs


I am not a health practitioner.

But what I’m about to tell you is worth more than gold to many doctors. I will narrate my story of how I won a serious battle that I fought from childhood. Myself and everyone around me thought witches and wizards were the cause, whereas they weren’t. I will share my experience and show you how I was totally healed. Just follow me.

Dear Friend,

Everyone hates to be sick. We all do. I used to be an everyday-sick-person.

Whenever it rained, my parents were usually worried, they knew that I will soon start to spend their money. As they would have to buy drugs for me when I fall sick. Yet, I was AA not SS. I looked healthy but I knew I wasn’t healthy.

When I was younger and immature, I sometimes prayed for death to take me away. In the primary school, it was forgivable, when I got to the secondary school, I became popular for this reason. Not too long, rumors went round that I was a male emere that was sent to waste my parent’s money. That’s how bad it was.

When I wanted to write my WAEC, I wasn’t feeling too well. So I missed some papers. Thank God for NECO. On the day of my JAMB exam, I fell sick too. So I wasn’t joking when I said that it was a battle. I want you to understand me very well, that’s why I decided to start my story from the beginning.

My name is Elvis. I just clocked 52 on January this very year. I am happily married to the love of my life, the woman that has been with me through the difficult times and we are blessed with 3 wonderful children. I work with the Nigeria Immigration Service and I am a high-ranked officer. I started from the scratch in my work so it took a lot of grace, prayer and hard work to rise to the peak of my career.

My promotion was delayed several times because of my inability to deliver well, which my health challenge contributed to. I took absent leaves from work a lot and sometimes I refused to take any leave because I thought it was getting too much. When I get to work that day, I become as useless as anything because of my sickness.

I remember when one of my colleagues came to introduce one babalawo to me. He said the man has the solutions to my problems. When I got there, the baba said my wife is the cause of my problem, the same wife that has been with me through it all. I angrily left his place and my relationship with my friend was strained up till now. We don’t talk anymore.

I did not have a family doctor because of my frequent illness. I was tired of the guilty looks people give me. So I visited different doctors anytime I fall sick and after prescribing drugs to me, they normally told me to eat fruits and vegetables.  I did that but I didn’t see any improvement. So I stopped after a while.

Few years ago, I traveled to the United States for a holiday with my wife and kids. I couldn’t go with them because I wasn’t feeling well. After staying at home alone for some time, I decided to take a walk down the street. I walked out and took a stroll despite my illness. The next place I found myself was on a hospital bed. I learnt that I fainted on the road. So I was rushed to the hospital by 911. An old white doctor attended to me. He asked what my problem was. He looked worried and I didn’t want him to be, I decided to tell him that that’s how I normally fall sick. He asked for the common symptoms I had and I mentioned them;

  • Headache
  • Blur Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Body pain/joints pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cough
  • Trouble sleeping(Insomnia)
  • Chest pain
  • Fast/irregular/pounding heartbeat.

Then he instructed a nurse to carry out some tests on me. After the test, he asked me the kind of drugs I normally took and I told him malaria drugs, typhoid drugs, traditional herbs, antibiotics and so on depending on the kind of sickness that I have. He said that the drugs that I took were responsible for my sickness. ‘How is that possible?’ I thought. ‘Are they not supposed to take my sickness away?’ He said they were injuring my system the more.

If common malaria and typhoid drugs could cause above listed issues then imagine what your BP, DIABETES, SERIOUS INFECTIONS, ARTHRITIS, and other dangerous drugs you are taking have done to your system already.

I told him that I have been falling sick right from childhood. And he first sternly ordered me to stop using all the drugs I use. I asked him why, surprised. He said that what I needed was something to boost my immune system. He said my immune system was weak, that’s why I was more vulnerable to infections. In fact, he congratulated me that day. He said I had just few more years to live if I had continued my previous lifestyle.

Then he gave me some medicines to use. On my way to my residence in America in the car with my family who rushed down to the hospital when they heard about what happened, I began to think about my life. I looked at my wife who was beside me and wondered what her life would look like if she lost me. She doesn’t deserve to be widow. Who will be the father of my children? My own children will now become fatherless. ‘God forbid bad thing!’ I said in my mind. 

This doctor just confirmed what Nigerian doctors refused to tell me. And I was happy for that. What if I had lost my life  when I fainted? I would have died not knowing the cause of my sickness and death.

From that time on, I researched on the meaning of the immune system. Here’s what I found out;

Dear Friend,

One of my biggest lessons is that money is not everything. I have money. I’m ready to spend money on my health and see my self get healed immediately. But there was no healing anywhere. I remember that I traveled to India once to see a renowned physician but the expensive herb he gave me didn’t work. It only made me to purge. So I stopped it.

Our God works in miraculous ways.

How did I find this solution?

How did I become transformed to a person that never falls sick no matter what?

One day, the Nigeria Immigration Service had a meeting with some Chinese investors. They wanted to fully migrate to Nigeria, so we needed to discuss with them to test the feasibility of their request. I was selected as a delegate to represent the NIS. I got to the venue of the meeting early. So I sat in the lobby with some one of the Chinese. When it was time for me to use my pack of Tre en en, I opened my bag and brought out my  pack of Tre en en. I noticed that the Chinese stared at me. Later, he asked me what the nature of my illness was and I told him. He told me he knows so much about the company as one of his nephew works for the company back at home.

I told him the product has been very effective for me and I would love to get my hand on it and use more. He connected me to his nephew who has become a good friend and pivot to how the product is now available in Nigeria.

Our immune system is essential for our survival. Without an immune system, our bodies would be open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. It is our immune system that keeps us healthy as we drift through a sea of pathogens.

This vast network of cells and tissues is constantly on the lookout for invaders, and once an enemy is spotted, a complex attack is mounted.

The immune system is spread throughout the body and involves many types of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues. Crucially, it can distinguish our tissue from foreign tissue — self from non-self. Dead and faulty cells are also recognized and cleared away by the immune system.

People with the weak immune system are liable to die young.

Once the immune system is weak, the Heart, Kidney, Liver, and blood are at risk.

Every infection and sickness use the body as their hiding place.

That is why a lot of people in Nigeria are suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Vision Problems, etc

Top 3 Causes of Death in Nigeria

  1. Malaria – 20%
  2. Lower Respiratory Infections – 19%
  3. Diarrheal Diseases – 5%
  4. Other Sicknesses – 56%

44% is as a result of a weak immune system.

How do you know your immune system is weak?

Frequent Infections
Cold or Sore Throat      
Injuries that is slow to heal   
Weight Loss or Weight Gain
Digestive Problems
Hair loss
Joint pain
Mouth ulcers


We’ve decided that if the pharmacists get in our way, we can easily do without them. We have organised a direct distribution of this particular product known as Tre en en. Without having the pharmaceutical companies as an intermediary. We have evaluated different types of possibilities and we have chosen the most effective one. Tre en en is not sold in pharmacies! Therefore, all those who wish to receive Tre en en with a discount of up to 50% can participate in the prize draw! Your geographical position is not important, we can ship the product anywhere in Nigeria.

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Frank Ndem Lately I’ve been struggling to get all my supplements in, just because there are so many you need for immunity support. I was recommended to take zinc oxide and vitamin C, but doing some more research into immune supplements, I came across tre en en. Initially I tried the syrup but I thought it was way too sweet, plus I kept forgetting to take it since I wasn’t always by my refrigerator. This product offers easy swallow capsules which are super convenient. I also love that you get 5000iu of vitamin d3 and 300mg of ginger, which I never thought to take but I read that it’s also needed for immune defense. Very impressed with this formula and excited to feel the benefits!


Like  Reply  1h

Stan Ebube Hi everyone..this product is a must have..since I started using tre en en capsules..everything about my health hair condition and my hormonal levels are definetly more balanced ..if there is one anti aging nutrient that i will never go with out will be this one..however all the supplements have remarkable impact in their field..trustworthy product range..thank you Theunis for introducing this amazing product to me i which everybody can use this will most certaintly change your live!!!


Like  Reply  6h

Benita Eku I like product alot. I am taking it now for a few days and it is very effective. Will buy again.


Like  Reply  6h

Babara Igwe Fantastic product to build your cells from the inside. It repairs your cell membrane and make it soft and permeable for good nutrition to get into the cell and toxic waste out. It also balance your hormones. Great if you always tired. I take 4 a day.


Like  Reply  12h

Suzan eli Beauty Suppliers supply the best Anti Aging Supplements. I never skip a day taking my Tre en en, it is such a great product.


Like  Reply  13h

Veronia A. It is an excellent product. I started to feel the change about the third day that I started taking it and I felt more energetic and more encouraged. My husband also started taking it and he loves it because he feels much stronger and although he often gets sick with joy, he has been very healthy lately


Like  Reply  13h

Ben Colins I had 2 types of influenza back to back and was hospitalized for pneumonia and other complications. I bought these to help build my immunity and so far they seem to work well. I'm healthier and stronger, just purchased my second bottle. I will be using these as a regular staple in my household.


Like  Reply  13h

Samuel echi This has truly been a God-send. This has truly help me through this Covi-d. I have upper respiratory infections alot. And so far since taking this since March, I haven't had a cold or anything involving being sick. Thank you God. I also take vitamins and a high dosage of vitamin d. So its worked for me. Don't taste good but, what is taste compared to good health. It is hard to swallow. But with alot of water it will go down easily. I choose to live. I'm just a regular overweight man. So its not like I am a gym rat in shape and buffed like John Cena. Try a bottle and see if it works for you. Don't forget a good multivitamin and bump your dosage of Vitamin D.


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Linda Nweke I bought these after my husband got home from hospital with Covi-d. He almost died. He was on a ventilator for 3 weeks and after that had to have physical therapy for 4 months to learn to walk again. I thought the ingredients in this would help with his recovery and it definitely helped. He’s doing so well now. I’ve already ordered it 3 times. When he gets low on it, he lets me know so I can order more for him.


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